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My latest art project "Into Ultrablack" began in 2012 in New York City. I was inspired by the word UV (ultraviolet) and coined the term "ultrablack," which signifies an imaginative crevice of absolute darkness as if we cannot perceive ultraviolet radiation.


Immersing myself in the mystery of the unseen, I explore the enigmatic presence of deformed organisms and their environments. While deformity is often stigmatized as abomination or weakness in societal contexts, I draw inspiration from disfigured body parts, deep-sea creatures and certain bacteria, where deformity can be seen as a futuristic transformation in new environments or as warning against contemporary human activities.


The visual elements in my work are derived from my surroundings, including the scenery of my daily commute, my studio environment, and familiar landmarks. The ravine-like view near my current studio in midtown Manhattan, along with the presence of public drug abuse as a social issue, overwraps with dark and chaotic atmosphere of my work. I also bring a sense of mystery and draw from Buddhism/Animism through their common narratives. By fusing these fragments, I aim to develop diverse and intricate imagery in my works.


Improvisation plays a vital role in my artistic process. Impromptu gestures accumulate to form deep textures and compounded images. Multiple layers overlap involuntarily, leading to unforeseen outcomes. My art is painterly, while also embracing the specificity of drawing and time-based sequencing. In relation, I have come to embrace the understanding of coexistence with nature and the acceptance of impermanence, imperfection, and insufficiency. This perspective influences my work as I address the wild factors of material aging and incorporate them into my artistic expression.

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